Moving SQL to the Web

Published: 09-Jan-2022

Now that we're using Kirby for our web back-end, it's fairly easy to create new administration tools. Previously, all the data needed to run the game server was stored in a SQL database and managed with other tools such as phpMyAdmin. The game server connected directly to the SQL server and pulled what it needed from there.

With Kirby in the mix, some of our data is more easily stored on the web site. For example, Kirby has a user system - why recreate that?

It took quite a bit of work to get the foundation in place, but now the game server uses REST over HTTPS to make queries to our custom API on the web site to get whatever data it may need. Our Kirby plugin determines where the data resides - on the web, in SQL, or a mix - and provides it to the game server.

The advantage? All the management tools needed to run the service will be available in a browser in a single place. More work now means far less work later!