KangaWorld is Kangaroo Punch Studio's retro online gaming service. It is the spiritual successor to the Applied Personal Computing, Inc. MultiPlayer Game Server (APCiMPGS) - the world's FIRST four-player modem Doom system. While the APCiMPGS only supported four games (Doom, Doom II, Heretic, and Hexen), this new server aims to run every multiplayer DOS game that ever existed!

While currently heavily under construction, our goal is to provide:

  • Multi-player DOS gaming via DOSBox-X, DOSBox Staging or real hardware.
    • Features
      • Native DOS application.
      • Custom SVGA true-color GUI.
      • Online chat & matchmaking.
      • Easy game management (think "like Steam").
      • Mod management.
    • Networking
      • IPX, modem, null-modem.
  • Multi-player BBS doors.
  • Multi-player interactive fiction.
    • Runs on a Z-Machine? We'll support it! (License allowing.)
  • Multi-player JoeyNet-based retro gaming on all JoeyLib supported platforms.

Our first test client will be for DOSBox and provide limited BBS door gaming in order to test our network code, GUI, and server infrastructure.

Want to follow along or contribute? Stop by our official chat!